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What is the difference between International Management and Global Business Management? 

Class Profile

International Management or Junior MM: fresh graduate until maximum 4 years working experience. 

Global Business Management: decision maker position or minimum 6 years working experience.


International Management or Junior MM: 3 months internship or project.

Global Business Management: no internship, full module.


Global Business Management will focus in

  1. Building the skill and leadership of a general manager
  2. The course has significant portion of curriculum dedicated to strategy management, innovation, and entrepreneurship and leadership.
  3. The courses will use extensively managerial cases that are cross functional.
  4. The program is suitable for people with a very strong functional area background (such as marketing, finance, etc ) who want to be general manager or CEO. Global Business Management strongly focus on the thinking process that will be helpful for leaders: systems thinking, team based thinking, business thinking and strategic thinking
  5. Global Business Management is the only MM program that focuses on strategy, innovation and leadership (the trilogy) 

If my working experience is less than required working experience for Global Business Management, still I eligible to take the program? 

Yes, you can take this program although your working experience is less than required. Please kindly contact our team to discuss about it more

I will apply for International Management. If I have been working, should I still take the internship?

You don’t have to quit your job or doing the internship outside your office. You will get new objective to do on your current job for your internship project.

Where is the “1 Week International Class at One of Best University in the World” program will take place?

It depends the batch. Please kindly contact our team.

What title will I get after finish my study at EEC?

International Management (International Master of Management): MM

Global Business Management : MM

Hospital Administration Management (MHM): MARS

How to register?

Registration Fee: IDR 800.000 (FREE for UPH Alumni)

a. You can come to our office to get the application form or, you can ask us for the application form (PDF)

b. Make the essay based on the 5 questions on the application form

c. Schedule your test and interview. We adopt rolling admission, you can have the test and interview from Mon-Fri or Sat (by appointment), office hour or after office hour (by appointment). Bring your CV and essay as you come for test and interview. Test 3 hours. Interview max. 1 hour

My boss/my friend is expatriate/overseas graduate. Could they apply for this program?

Expatriate: having student visa or acknowledgement letter from their company

Overseas graduate: having or willing to apply Surat Penyetaraan DIKTI

More information, please kindly contact us.

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