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The Doctor of Research in Management Program (DRM) is a professional doctoral degree designed to enhance and strengthen both the capability to develop knowledge and theory, and also the application of it. The DRM program will be of particular benefit to experienced senior executives who are interested in pursuing a transition to a teaching role, consultants management educators and business school academics. The program is for three years, with a total of 46 credit units.

DRM Vision

To become an academic educational provider that produces innovative, visionary, and competitive doctoral graduates in the field of Management Sciences at the national and international level, reliable, dignified, and contributing to the welfare of the nation to glorify God.

DRM Mission

  1. Developing teaching methods that can be applied effectively for both academic advancement and practical purposes.
  2. Conducting high-quality research activities and producing scholarly works that gain recognition at the national and international levels.
  3. Engaging in community service activities that provide positive impact and benefit for the advancement of society.
  4. Producing graduates who are committed to upholding academic integrity and honesty, as well as making positive contributions to society.


The DRM Program is a flexible program, ideal for those who wish to combine their studies with a full-time occupation. It will offer the students unparalleled benefits.

  • An understanding of managing organizations in the context of broad issues, such as culture and politics, technology and social system design and institutional approaches to problem solving
  • A trans-disciplinary, integrative, global perspective on critical organizational and social issues
  • A unique approach to intellectual inquiry emphasizing the integration of theory and practice
  • The opportunity to define and conduct issue-oriented research allowing participants to customize their studies (based on the chosen concentration) and to contribute to applied management knowledge
  • Intellectual development and personal growth as an individual, as an executive and as a contributor to the scholarly community and to society

Program Details

The DRM Program is designed for 46-credit units with a total duration of three years. The coursework will be conducted for 4 semesters and 2 semesters will be allocated for dissertation proposal, dissertation writing and defense. All students are required to complete Foundation Courses, before proceed with the area of concentration. The program offers 6 concentration areas:

  • Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Corporate Finance
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Management and Analysis
  • Strategic Management
  • Education Leadership

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