International Executive MM

International Executive Master of Management Program (IEMM)


Companies that prioritize innovation, produce winning products and services year after year and change the game in their sectors. The ability to adapt and be multifunctional will enable individuals to innovate amid uncertainty and ambiguity.

This International Executive Master of Management will enable students to anticipate market needs and grow the organisation’s capacity to innovate.

As an executive or entrepreneur, you will master the fundamentals of management alongside other experienced professionals. You will also develop strategic vision and management capacity required to excel in practical decision making

By transforming current managers into innovative change agents managers, this program will enable you to drive strategic innovation resulting in high performance. Learn to build, lead and sustain an innovative organisation and achieve high performance throughout the value chain. Develop new toolkits and theoretical frameworks to help your company gain competitive advantage and create a new market space.


FIRST IN INDONESIA: Creating unique value for yourself and your career


  • 13-month, modular, designed for Executives
  • Taught by visiting International faculty members and experienced industry experts
  • Spend a leadership week at one of the best universities in the world
  • Guided by well-defined Assurance of Learning, based on AACSB 2013 standards
  • Produce real-world results through action learning project
  • Personal executives coaching to develop students’ leadership style and capabilities, and provide immediate value to the organization
  • Located at our new state-of-the-art Business School in Semanggi, Jakarta.







  • Minimum 6 years working experience or have an on-going viable business
  • Have a four-year undergraduate degree with any major from a reputable university
  • Have a good command of the English language
  • Show leadership qualities
  • Submit valid GMAT score or take UPH Entrance Exam
  • Pass UPH interview
How will a Master in Management benefit your career and your life?
Accredited International Executive Master in Management (IEMM) at Universitas Pelita Harapan seeks to prepare students for senior management roles in business. It does this by exposing you to all areas of business including accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources. Unlike other Masters program, which provide further specialization in a specific field, an IEMM is interdisciplinary and focus on general management, drawing from the fields of psychology, sociology, economics, accounting and finance.
The program will not request you to justify leaving your well-paid career in pursuit of the good quality Master in Management Program. The IEMM program also encourages companies which have traditionally sponsored their employees’ MM to consider the program since the program offers flexibility in its schedule; modular format and track systems.

The International Executive Master in Management (IEMM) and your Career
An IEMM can open up new avenues and provide you with new skills in the workplace.
IEMM is primarily for those seeking to switch careers (typically into finance or consulting roles) or for progression within an already established career. The IEMM curriculum seeks to provide corporations with candidates of the required managerial skill needed to run them.
Transferable skills

If you don’t fancy a career in finance or consulting (the choice of the majority of MM students), the skills you will acquire are certainly transferable to other roles, as evidenced by the IEMM’s strong representation in other sectors:
• 50% of IEMM graduates enjoy successful careers within industry.
• 40% in healthcare.
• 10% in public service.
• 10% in energy.
• 30% in the consumer goods sector.
With a Master in Management degree from IEMM program, many graduates become young entrepreneurs. You can acquire the requisite knowledge and practices needed to potentially develop and operate your own businesses. You will be taught business management, planning and even financial handling, to create a lean and successful start up. These skills will put you in the perfect position to manage your own business effectively, while contributing to the economic welfare.

Opportunities for networking
You’ll be receiving tuition from some great business minds. Some will be part of your faculty and others specially invited to share their wealth of experience and knowledge with you. Your tutors and guest speakers are likely to be key personalities in their field and will bring with them a network of contacts for you to utilize. Fellow students will greatly extend your professional network; some of the students on your IEMM course will be successful later in life, and the field of work that their success lies in will vary from person to person. Forming professional and personal bonds with these people may prove invaluable in your future.

There are personal benefits to studying for at UPH IEMM
If the salary and overall career improvement potential of the MM aren’t enough to convince you to enroll, perhaps the reported personal development that the course provides will be.
• The MM program in general and IEMM in particular has a high level of focus on producing future managers. The activities you’ll be involved in force you to interact with people and, in turn, grow as a person.
You’ll share your year with a student body pooled from a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds. IEMM program specifically seeks to recruit graduates with a variety of degrees and working backgrounds.
• Emphasis within the course is placed on interaction, e.g. team working and role-playing exercises. These help to build your rapport with people and can make you a more rounded person. Mixing with people from different background will challenge your pre-established perceptions of the world.
So will I benefit?
• It’s true that consumer behavior is changing beyond recognition with digital and social media revolution, but studying for a Master in Management at IEMM program will give you a chance to experiment with your approach to problem solving and develop your management and interpersonal skills; all timeless abilities.
• An MM degree can’t guarantee success in your career, nothing can in the wake of recession – but with the right hard-working and can-do attitude, an MM from IEMM program may serve to provide the enhancements in life and work that you are searching for.