We are living in a time when a new economic paradigm-characterized by speed innovation, short-cycle times, quality, and customer satisfaction- is highlighting the importance of intangible assets, such as brand recognition, knowledge, innovation and particularly human capital. This new paradigm can mark the beginning of a golden age for HR.

International Executive Master in Management Program in International Human Resource Management is a unique HR Management program with very strong alignment and high-performance perspectives, where HR is the competent business partners.

The program is for 13 months, running in a modular format and has a one week of Leadership week on at one of the best universities in the world.

As HR business partners, HR professionals are expected to work closely with an organization’s senior leaders in order to develop an HR agenda that closely supports the overall aims of the organization. The idea of HR business partners was popularized by academic and consultant David Ulrich, who sees HR business partners as part of a successful modern HR function, along with shared services and centers of expertise.

HR business partners are seen as important in this process as a progressive way to connect the HR department to other functions – since HR business partners often have experience in senior positions they are well-placed to communicate effectively with other senior leaders.

The program provides the HR professionals with comprehensive understanding and exposure to various business function, strategy and leadership; which in turn prepare the HR Professional for doing the following:

  • Belief in the value of the HR function
  • Creating an HR Scorecard and its implementation
  • Developing the principles of good measurement and measuring HR alignment
  • Acquiring knowledge and experience of the business and its intricacies and an ability to communicate in business terms
  • Building competencies for HR Professional
  • A focus on delivering business outcomes through making best use of the whole HR function and acting as a strong role-model for the rest of the team


Key managerial skills will be developed in the program:

  • Understanding the international and multicultural management context;
  • Acquiring specific knowledge essential to work in HRM in an international context, following international HR best practice on talent management, compensation and benefits, and mobility management;
  • Leading change management, team-work, psychological well being, HRM project management ;
  • Developing a comprehensive HR Metrics and steps for implementation
  • Building effective consulting skills




The application process begins with payment of application and entrance exam fees (IDR 800,000), completion of application and entrance exam, and a scheduled interview session. Please contact us 0812.8339.3856 / 021.5790.6024 for further information.




  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Valid ID
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (2)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Legalized Copy of Bachelor Degree (2)
  • Legalized Copy of Academic (2)/li>
  • Photo 3×4 (2)
  • Photo 4×6 (2)
  • Legalized Copy of DIKTI letter (2)
  • Copy of Limited Stay Permit (2)
  • Stamp Duty of Rp. 6000,- (1)