Program Design Overview


The Doctor of Research in Management Program (DRM) is a professional doctoral degree designed to enhance and strengthen both the capability to develop knowledge and theory, and also the application of it.

The DRM program will be of particular benefit to experienced senior executives who are interested in pursuing a transition to a teaching role, consultants, management educators and business school academics. The program is for two-and-a-half years, with a total of 50 credit units. The mission of the Doctor of Research in Management Program is to provide a comprehensive and affordable doctoral program through rigorous academic research that influences practice. The program has one unique feature, an intensive Business Education for Scholars and Teachers workshop.

The DRM Program is a flexible programme, ideal for those who wish to combine their studies with a full-time occupation. It will offer the students unparalleled benefits:

  • An understanding of managing organizations in the context of broad issues, such as culture and politics, technology and social system design and institutional approaches to problem solving
  • A trans-disciplinary, integrative, global perspective on critical organizational and social issues
  • A unique approach to intellectual inquiry emphasizing the integration of theory and practice
  • The opportunity to define and conduct issue-oriented research allowing participants to customize their studies (based on the chosen concentration) and to contribute to applied management knowledge
  • Intellectual development and personal growth as an individual, as an executive and as a contributor to the scholarly community and to society

The practitioner-scholar approach is an important ingredient in the program. The program is distinguished from similar programs offered by other schools by allowing the students to

  • Conduct studies and projects on issues, problems and opportunities of significance to their organization
  • Test, evaluate and develop a more sophisticated understanding and assumptions about global trends that will affect their organization and community
  • Gain perspective on the worldwide challenges and opportunities that will impact the plans, strategies and policies guiding their organization in the long term

The other unique feature of the program is the presence of online learning materials that will allow the students to study on their own pace. Scholarly pursuit at doctoral program requires the ability of the students to work independently and to examine a topic in detail for extended study, with long periods of reading and reflection on their own. The online learning courses will be accompanied with face-to-face class run by international faculty experts. Class-room programs will be conducted in English. Dissertation can be written in either Bahasa Indonesia or English.

Program Details


Dates for Entrance exam

The DRM Program is designed for 50-credit units with a total duration of two and half-years. The coursework will be conducted for 4 semesters and one to two semesters will be allocated for dissertation proposal, dissertation writing and defense.

All students are required to complete Foundation Courses, before proceed with the area of concentration. There are 24 credit units for Foundation courses and 12 credit units for concentration courses. The program offers 4 concentration areas:

  • Human Resources and Organizational Development
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Finance and Risk Management
  • Organizational Leadership

There are four courses in every concentration. These courses are in the hybrid format of online learning and face-to-face class sessions.

The students will have to complete two major papers on Qualitative Research Paper and Quantitative Research Paper before they proceed with the dissertation proposal.



Foundation of Management Theory (2 credit units)
Research Methods (4 credit units)
Qualitative Research (4 credit units)
Impact of Technology (2 credit units)
Business History and Political Science ( 2 credit units)
Managerial Economics (2 credit units)
Sustainability and Social Value Creation (2 credit units)
Quantitative Methods (4 credit units)
Causal Analysis for Business Problems (2 credit units)

Total number of credit units: 24

Hybrid class format (online and face-to-face classes):

Concentration 1: Human Resources and Organizational Development (HROD)
Course 1: Organization, Management and Leadership Theory
Course 2: Human Capital Management and Human Capital Transformation Theory
Course 3: Organization Culture, Performance and Reward Management
Course 4: Talent Management: Theory and Practice

Concentration 2: Marketing Management and Analytics
Course 1: Behavioral Game Theory
Course 2: Consumer Behavior
Course 3:Marketing Models and Experiment Design
Course 4:Marketing Analytics Science

Concentration 3: Corporate Finance and Risk Management
Course 1: Finance and Investment Theory
Course 2: Valuation Modeling
Course 3: Financial Policy and Strategies
Course 4: Enterprise-wide risk Management

Concentration 4: Organizational Leadership
Course 1: Leadership Theory and Practice
Course 2: Dynamics of Group and Team Leadership
Course 3: Emerging Managerial Practices
Course 4: Organizational Diagnosis and Intervention

For one concentration area, there are 12 credit units

Qualitative Research Paper (2 credit units)
Quantitative Research Paper (2 credit units)

Workshop for Dissertation Proposal
Submission of Proposal Dissertation
Dissertation Submission
Dissertation Defense

Proposal Dissertation and Dissertation (10 credit units).

Class starts in August 2017

For more information, please contact: drm@uph.edu

Why Joining an Executive Doctoral Degree?

PhD vs. DBA Programs
Doctoral programs in Indonesia that are considered similar to the Ph.D program usually intensively focus on preparing candidates for challenging academic careers and in education and research. Candidates often choose to either focus on applied teaching or theoretical research. Most programs focus on developing new or challenging old theories related to economics, consulting, management and public administration. Conversely, Doctoral program in Management at Universitas Pelita Harapan (which is closely similar to the degree of Doctor of Business Administration programs) limits itself to applied theories with real world benefits. Most graduates go on to working in the commercial world as managerial executives.

Why Get a Doctoral degree in Management from Universitas Pelita Harapan?
Doctoral Program in Management at the Universitas Pelita Harapan is designed to provide professionals and executives with advanced tools and research skills needed for strategic planning and decision making. The only way for job seekers to top other job applicants with Master in Management degree is to have a Doctoral in Management degree. Graduating from a Doctoral program demonstrates the highest levels of commitment to continual learning, leadership excellence and professional development. Job candidates with Doctoral in Management degree will work as senior consultants, directors of operation and chief financial officers. Some may work as professors in universities or commercial training centers.

UPH Doctoral in Management Program
The ultimate goal of Doctoral in Management program at UPH is to empower professionals to become experts, leaders and pioneers. These programs teach students how to understand the individual and organizational factors that drive successful change initiatives. They also teach groundbreaking process models of change and obstacles to improvement. Students will be exposed to advanced corporate finance practices and theories regarding taxation, agency costs and market inefficiencies. Entrepreneurship classes will help students better understand individual and organizational behaviors across different commercial contexts. Students will become familiar with opportunity recognition and exploitation techniques. Students who graduate with a Doctorate degree in Management will enjoy career stability, financial rewards, prestigious jobs, exclusive research opportunities and excellent networking with professional peer of the same caliber.
A doctorate in Management sets you apart from the crowd, signifying to employers not only management proficiency but also a commitment to personal and organizational growth. A Doctoral in Management degree goes one step further by demonstrating a desire to apply high-level business education to solve problems and seek solutions in the workplace.
Earning a doctorate in management will equip you with working knowledge based on the latest business research, theories, and trends. This education not only identifies you as an expert in your field, but results in a tangible set of management and decision-making skills that may qualify you for senior-level leadership positions and new career opportunities. It also prepares you with advanced skills that are necessary for conducting real-world quantitative and qualitative research and publishing in research publications.

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